Herban Nectar is founded upon a desire to promote sustainable practices; both for the planet and for our bodies. Thats why we only use the highest quality, fair-trade & organic ingedients.  Its really a win-win for everyone AND the planet.  


Herban Nectar  is a company that thrives on  "The Three P's: People, Planet, and Play". All of our products are made with love in respect of  these three very special things.

We're people loving people and we take pride in the fact that we treat our customers as well as our family and friends. We aim to provide top tier customer service would love to answer any questionsyou may have about our products or ingredients. 


You've heard it a million times..."This planet is the only one we've got" Know why? Because its true! Which is one of the reasons why we are commited to our "Seed to Sale" philosophy. Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment – to learning, experimenting, exploring, discovering increasingly sustainable practices and, above all, caring. We know it's not easy for most to jump from living a certain way to one day living an active & sustainable life style. But what's important, is that we keep moving in the right direction, taking the journey, and most importantly NEVER giving up.

Herban Nectar

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