October 4, 2018

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October 4, 2018

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August 26, 2016



Like most, i remember growing up with the family tradition of going camping at least once a year (but really as many times as we could fit into our schedules). But why? Why would any normal person put themselves through the demanding task of going into the middle of nowhere and attempt to survive where clearly no one else is living? It's messy. If you're anything like us you will find yourself filthy within the first few hours of your self inflicted expedition. You will find you're self hiking with the sun beating down on your city softened face as the sweat beads trickle off your nose onto the dry undisturbed earth only to have that same earth kicked up by your feet and ever so softly powdered onto your skin. Expect to get a burn or two if your'e given the task of preparing dinner, tend the fire, or after one too many forest beers you decide to jump over the flames so everyone knows who's in charge. There's BEARS! Yes, BEARS. You may get cuts, scrapes, sprains, burns and bruises as you navigate through the rocks, trees, water or jump from a newly found cliff 50ft into a questionable river. Hhhmm…. now that I'm writing this I'm not even convinced that these are cons(which is probably why we love it haha) There's just something about camping that really excites me and puts a smile on my face. Maybe it's getting away from the busy city life to some peace and quiet, maybe its being out with nature and reconnecting with the world we've so systematically separated ourselves from, or maybe its just the smell of something sizzling over the fire in a smoke scented campsite. Whichever it is WE LOVE IT and here are our top 10 reason why you should too.


The joy of disconnecting from your phone, Instagram, Facebook and the Internet as a whole for a few days to enjoy your natural surroundings can be strangely blissful. The stress relief you get from leaving your work, your boss, your complaining co-workers and the monotony of everyday life will leave you wondering why you don't live like this for the rest of your life......The thought will cross your mind at least once, guaranteed.


Inhale the extra oxygen created by the trees and other plant life at your campsite, combine it with staring at the first crystal clear sunset you've seen since your trip to the Bahamas or whatever spring break spot you went to in college, then add an unfettered view of the stars, subtract pollution, and you suddenly come to the realization that this isn't something new.... yet, this is something you haven't seen in ages. It is euphoria and a sense of bein


The pride you feel when you (finally) start a campfire. The taste of your most craved foods cooked over an open campfire shared with friends some how tastes better than the 5 star restaurant you just spent someones paycheck on. If you cook in a seasoned iron skillet, then you already know the value of a seasoned iron skillet. The warmth, the snap, the crackle, the smell…ooOOoo the smell… This is the reason why you will forever hear people say campfire is one of their favorite smells though I doubt they will ever make a cologne out of it…but hey maybe!



Walking into the wilderness even with a map is always sure to be full of excitement. Going to a new camp ground, a new area, taking a new trail will be sure to add a sense of spontaneity and a sense of excitement to any camping trip. An up-close-and-personal look at your local plant and animal life which can change from one terrain to another is something special you can hardly find in Los Angeles or any other city for that matter. See a "healing tree"? Hike to it! Thought you saw a Sasquatch? Get out there and track it(just kidding you probably don't want to do that)! My point is, life is one big giant circus of adventure one after another, fear nothing and dare to be bold.


You are going to be dirty, probably really dirty if you do it right. but the best part is…your crew will be right there with you. So leave the cologne, hair products, and club dresses at home, let loose and enjoy not giving a damn about how you look. Go braless hell, don't even wear underpants and bask in the glory of having no shame. Trust me you'll be glad you did.


You know that feeling you get when you ace a test? That feeling you get when you drop it all on black and end up making more than you spent on your entire vacation? That feeling when you pour your heart and soul into a project and the entire team loves it? You will get that same feeling from that hike you turned back half way through last year, that mountain you thought you couldn't top, or really completing any trail that makes you sweat. The sense of accomplishment you get from dealing with unexpected challenges and adapting to them is something you were built for. So go ahead, push, you were made for this and the health benefits are a great perk!


That warm fuzzy comfortable feeling that you get from bonding with your friends, loved ones, and coworkers through a long camping trip is just something you can't get anywhere else. Yes even Paris won't give you the same invaluable experience. There really are few things better than grabbing your best friends, throwing up two fingers to the city, and heading out into the unknown for some serious banter, laughs, and future memories.


The ability to go somewhere where there's no honking, no voices, no white noise just silence, absolute solitude. This is something a lot of people don't realize they need. The ability to have some real time alone even if its only for 15 minutes is extremely beneficial. It being in nature just amplifies that effect. Take some time to forget…to stop worrying about holding a conversation, stop worrying about your laundry that needs to be pulled out of the dryer and folded, just absolute peace. Try it sometime you'd be surprised at how focused and vibrant you return. 


The crackle of the fire, the first burst of crisp refreshing air when you unzip your tent in the morning, sizzling deliciousness on the grill, cold/fresh drinking water, the smell of the pines, the sound of the birds, washing your feet in a cool stream. They always say it's the simple things that bring happiness, and we absolutely agree.


Camping can be as strenuous as you wantit to be or as chill as you'd like. So whether you feel like traversing the nearest peak to bellow your conquerors roar from atop or double fisting beers with your best friends yelling insults at trees who were clearly standing in your way as you dominate the landscape. Either way, no matter what you take from this, always remember, using the restroom where ever you want has it's own excitement. "What happens here stays here"-The Forest (stolen by Vegas)


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